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The Princeton Ocean Model (POM) has been configured for the Croatan-Albemarle-Pamlico Estuary System (CAPES) and its tributary river estuaries, inlets, and adjacent oceans. This estuary model, referred as CAPES3D, is currently designed at 1 km horizontal grid spacing, 6 vertical levels with a minimum water depth of 1.5m.

CAPES3D has been used to study the recruitment limitations of the Albemarle Sound, Pamlico Sound-Shelf exchange, and Neuse River estuary-Pamlico Sound exchange. Click on the word image to view an image of CAPES3D output. The image illustrates the impact of river runoff on CAPES circulation. Red and yellow indicate low-salinity river water and blue indicates higher salinity CAPES water. Click on the title image at the beginning of this page to view a quick-time animation of the model output. This simulation depicts the reponse of the CAPES sytem to a wind shift from NE to SW. Color indicates salinity as shown in the color bar.

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