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  • Dr. Lian Xie: Director. Air-sea interactions, modeling and visualization.
  • Dr. Leonard J. Pietrafesa: Department Head. Collaborative scientist in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics;
  • Dr. Fredrick Semazzi: Collaborative scientist in climate modeling;
  • Dr. Sethu Raman: State Climatologist. Collaborative scientist in boundary layer meteorology and coastal meteorology;
  • Dr. Dave Eggleston: Collaborative scientist in marine biology;
  • Dr. John Morrison: Collaborative scientist in physical oceanography;
  • Dr. Frederick Bingham: Collaborative scientist in physical oceanography;
  • Dr. Y.-L. Lin: Collaborative scientist in mesoscale modeling.

Graduate Research Assistants:

  • Chen Zhang: Coastal ocean modeling;
  • Xiaoming Liu: Global ocean and El Nino modeling;
  • Tingzhuang Yan: Data Assimilation;
  • Yukuan Song: Mesoscale air-sea interaction and El Nino;
  • Yi Song: Regional climate modeling and lake effect;
  • Douglas Schneider: Hurricanes and their impact on North Carolina;
  • Hao Jin: Coastal air-sea interaction.

Air-sea coupling

Estuary model

Hurricane effect

Storm surge

Oceanic fronts


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