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The Coastal Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (CFDL) is a research facility of NCSU's Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences department. It is housed in Room 112 of the Research III Building on NCSU's Centenial Campus. Scientists and graduate students at CFDL conduct basic and applied research on coastal atmospheric and oceanic systems including: coastal air-sea coupling; estuary circulation and plumes; impact of hurricanes on coastal ocean; storm surge, waves and tides; Gulf Stream and shelf fronts; data assimilation; trajectory and dispersion modelling; landfalling hurricanes; El Nino and impact on coastal region; high-performance computing and scientific visualization. Funding for these research activities are provided by the National Science Foundation; Office of Naval Research; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Department of Energy; Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation; IBM Environmental Research Program; and NCSU International Programs.

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