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Model Settings

The CMAEPS is configured for near realtime forecasting for the SECOORA region. Currently, the forecasting system performs a three-day forecast every day with the system being initialized at 00 UTC. Near realtime forecasts from NCEP 0.5 degree Global Forecast System (GFS) data from NOAA National Operational Model Archive & Distribution System (NOMADS) are used to drive the atmospheric model by providing initial and lower boundary conditions and 6-hourly updated lateral boundary conditions. The atmospheric forcing such as surface winds from the WRF model will then drive the surface wave model and the storm surge model.

The WRF model contains 30 sigma levels in the vertical with the model top being at 50 hPa. The time step is 60 seconds.

The following physics options are selected in the forecasting system:

In addition, sea surface temperature (SST) is updated every six hours (sst_update = 1). And a simple ocean mixed layer model is activated with the initial mixed layer depth of 50 m.

The SWAN model resolves 32 frequencies logarithmically spaced from 0.0418 to 0.8023 Hz and 36 direction bands of 10 degrees each. Its time step is 15 minutes.

The POM model are currently run in 2-D mode, with the time step of 1 second. The tidal boundary conditions are specified according to the Adcirc tidal database.