Research Grants

Project Title
M. Fuentes, L. Xie, F. Semazzi, B. Riche, and D. Shea Collaborative Research: RNMS Statistical Methods for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. NSF $968,587 10/01/2011 - 09/30/2013
L. Xie, F. Semazzi, P. Liu, and M. Fuentes Incorporating Climate Change Effects into Next-Generation Coastal Inundation Maps: An Integrated Approach. NOAA Climate Change Program $390,000 09/01/2011 - 08/31/2014
L. Xie Real-Time Coastal Ocean Forecasting in Support of Management
of Coastal Resources and Emergency in the SECOORA Region.
SECOORA $179,998 06/01/2011 - 05/31/2014
F. Semazzi, L. Xie, and S. Yuter Strengthening Meteorological Services on Lake Victoria to Enhance Safety of Navigation & Exploitation of Natural Resources Lake Victoria Basin Commision $130,000 04/15/2011 - 10/30/2011
F. Semazzi and L. Xie A Modeling and Empirical Study of the Climate of the Lake Victoria Basin of Eastern Africa NSF $520,097 01/15/2011 – 12/31/2013
L. Xie, M. Fuentes, and F. Semazzi Downscaling Climate Change Impacts on Wind Energy Resources in the Contiguous United States NCSU $14,340 01/01/2011 – 12/31/2011
R. He, L. Xie, and G. Lackmann Implementation of Regional Integrated Ocean Observing Systems Support of RCOOS Development In SECCORA - Circulation Modeling SECOORA $160,000 09/01/2010 – 05/31/2012
L. Xie Regional storm surge and inundation model testbed NOAA $270,000 01/01/2008 – 12/31/2010
L. Xie Development of a regional model for Mars atmosphere NIA $175,000 08/15/2007 – 09/15/2008
G. Lackmann, F. Semazzi, A. Aiyyer, and L. Xie High-Resolution Modeling to Assess Tropical Cyclone Activity in Future Climate Regimes DOE $600,000 08/01/2007 – 07/31/2010
C. Cudaback, L. Xie, and D. Eggleston Oyster Dispersal and Meta-Population Dynamics in Pamlico Sound, Part I: Larval Transport SeaGrant $128,585 02/01/2006 – 01/31/2009
M. Fuentes, B. Reich, and L. Xie Multivariate Space-time Models and Methods to Combine Large Disparate Spatial Data and Numerical Models NSF $260,000 05/15/2007- 05/15/2010
G. Lackmann, L. Xie, and M. Parker Improving Understanding and Prediction of Warm Season Precipitation Systems in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic Regions NOAA $375,000 06/01/2007 – 05/31/2010
F. Semazzi, L. Xie, and P. Liu NOAA Interdisciplinary Scientific Environmental Technology(ISET) Cooperative Research and Education Center NOAA $1,000,000 09/01/2006 –08/31/2011
Pietrafesa, Xie Climate and Weather Impacts on Society and the Environment (CWISE) NOAA $1.675 million 09/01/2003 –08/31/2007
Xie, L. Intercontinental Transport of Air Pollution EPA $115,000 07/01/2002 –07/31/2006
Pietrafesa, Xie Carolinas Coastal Ocean Observing and Prediction System NOAA $5 million 06/01/2002 – 05/31/2007
Xie, Pietrafesa Coastal Ocean Research and Monitoring Program (CORMP) NOAA $2.5 million 06/01/2002 – 05/31/2007
Semazzi, Xie Variability of the eastern Africa regional coupled climate system NSF $555,875 09/01/2001 – 08/31/2004
Semazzi, Xie Predicting the variability of the eastern Africa regional coupled climate system NSF $560,000 09/01/2004 – 08/31/2007
Xie, Kaplan, Pietrafesa, Raman Inland flooding due to hurricanes NOAA/NWS $41,000 01/01/2004 – 12/31/2005
Lackmann, Riordan, Xie Improving cold season quantitative precipitation forecasting in the Carolinas and Virginia NOAA $375,000 07/01/2003 – 06/30/2006
Pietrafesa, Xie, Dickey Determination of a recruitment index NOAA $75,000 09/01/2002 – 08/31/2004
Morrison, Xie, Kamykowsky Connectivity and Upwelling Dynamics In the Galapagos Marine Reserve (GMR) NASA $1million 05/01/2004 – 04/30/2007
Lin, Xie Development of a sediment transport model for Chesapeake Bay VIMS $10,000 03/01/2004 – 08/01/2006
Dickey, Xie, Pietrafesa Project IFLOW – Storm surge model integration component Sea Grant $100,000 08/01/2003 – 07/31/2006
Xie Support for international workshop on dust storms and their effects on human health USDA $5,000 10/01/2002 – 07/31/2003
Pietrafesa, Xie A Risk Assessment Tool: Predicting Coastal Flooding for Operational Purposes NOAA $465,000 01/01/2001 – 12/31/2003
Morrison, Xie WOCE AIMS: Northern Indian Ocean Data Analysis and Synthesis NSF $400,000 03/01/2000 – 12/31/2003
Riordan, Lackmann, Xie Improving forecasts of topographically-forced weather systems in the Carolinas and Virginia NOAA $375,000 05/01/2000 – 04/30/2003
Xie Workshop on Dust Storms and Their Effects on Human Health NASA $10,000 11/01/2002 – 12/31/2002
Xie Workshop on Dust Storms and Their Effects on Human Health USDA $5,000 11/1/2002 – 07/31/2003
Xie Workshop on Dust Storms and Their Effects on Human Health NOAA $2,500 11/01/2002 –7/31/2003
Pietrafesa, DeMaster, Xie Ocean Margins Program data analysis and synthesis NSF $92,624 06/01/1998 – 05/31/2001
Raman, Xie A numerical study of interactions between mesoscale convective systems and ocean mixed layer in the Western Pacific Warm Pool NSF $340,679 04/01/1997 – 12/31/2001